Carriage Clocks

The ever-popular carriage clock has been made in large numbers in France since the 1830s, with a case of four pillars, glass panels, a hinged carrying handle and a leather-covered travelling box.

These vary from straight-forward timepieces to alarms, striking clocks with or without repeat work to grand sonnerie examples which strike the hours and quarters.

We fully overhaul the movements within our own workshops, and clean, polish and lacquer (or gild) the cases to restore them to their original condition.

We therefore offer a comforting 3 year guarantee on all the clocks we sell.

It is rare to find good leather cases nowadays, many of them missing the top carrying handle, but it is nevertheless a nice accessory to the carriage clock.

We always have a large representation of various styles at competitive prices, and we aim to source any clock requirements.

Carriage clocks make excellent wedding gifts or retirement presentations. We are happy to arrange for engraving of additional brass plaques for such occasions.