Gilt 5-minute repeating carriage clock


Five-minute repeating carriage clocks are much rarer finds than “standard” repeaters, and yet we currently have two in stock.

This is a really nicely presented clock, re-gilded, and with a perfect Arabic dial, all glasses also in perfect condition.

The movement exhibits the usual strike sequence of hours and the passing of the half hour. The five-minute repeat button is mounted on the rear of the case, the hour repeat button is mounted on top as usual. Depressing the top button will repeat the last hour struck, wherever the minute hand is. Depressing the rear button will activate the same hammer to indicate the number of five-minute intervals that have elapsed since the last hour.

The clock retains its original silvered platform escapement.

The attractive dial has blue Arabic numeral rondels within an outer minute track, and with a gilt/blue geometric pattern to the centre.

Original matching blued steel hands.

Dating the clock accurately is tricky as the case is not a common style – the cushion top is not often seen. Certainly it is a grander case with a heavy moulded base and top, but with plain pillars. Although these more fancy dials were more popular in the early 1900s, this one is almost identical to Henri Jacot’s serial number 5238, which dates to the 1880s.

  • Height: 20cms (to the top of the carrying handle)
  • Width: 10cms
  • Depth: 9cms

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: 1554i

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