Porcelain carriage clock in an engraved case


A very attractive late 19th century French porcelain carriage clock in excellent original condition and with its leather carrying case.

The dial and sides are set with ‘Sevres’ style porcelain panels decorated with harbour scenes on a blue background. The panels have a pink border with white and gilt cabochons. The Roman dial has Roman numerals on apparent white ‘cartouches’ on a blue chapter ring. The numerals are separated by red jewels. To my mind the high contrast of the numerals makes the clock dial very visible without detracting from the beauty of the porcelain decoration. The quality of each of the painted scenes is superb.

The corniche style case is well engraved with foliate scrolls, and retains its original mercury gilding. The oval glass to the top is etched with the initials MD, matching the gilt name printed on the roof of the leather case, M. DEHON.

The striking repeating 8-day movement has the original silvered lever platform escapement, striking the hours and half hours on a coiled steel gong. The backplate is stamped with the letter B in a circle, a mark which Allix & Bonnert associate with Jules Brunelot in their book, CARRIAGE CLOCKS; Their History and Development. However, more recent findings by Leigh Extence (further to his research in the suppliers to Henri Jacot) reveal that the mark is seen on carriage clocks from the Delepine-Canchy and Baveux workshops, who worked closely together in Saint-Nicolas-d’Aliermont, and so the letter B is likely to be the Baveux trademark. Either way, it is often found on better quality carriage clocks.

  • Height: 18cm with the handle up.

The movement is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Though rubbed on the handle and one or two small areas, we have preferred to leave the gilding in its original state; although of course, the customer shall make the final decision of whether to regild or not.

Ref: HS557

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