Grande Sonnerie Carriage Clock by Drocourt for Leroy


A small French grande sonnerie striking and repeating carriage clock by Drocourt for Leroy. The gorge case is in perfect condition, having been regilded in a soft satin finish. The case is of the standard size for a more usual hour-striking carriage clock. The second gong adds depth, hence the case has been adapted to the front of the base to give clearance to the hands when the movement is removed for servicing. I have phoographed it next to the more usual size of grande sonnerie case for comparison, this one on the right.

The 8-day movement is gong-striking on a pair of coiled gongs. The movement is regulated by the original silvered jeweled lever platform escapement. To the base is a strike selection lever with three options for GDE SONNERIE / SONNERIE / SILENCE . Grande sonnerie striking is ting-tang striking on two gongs for the quarter-, half- and three-quarter hour following the hour strike.
The Sonnerie option gives a ting-tang strike on the quarters, with the hour (on one gong) only at the full hour. Silence is self-evident. There is also an hour repeat button on the top of the clock, which simply repeats the last hour struck.

There is also an alarm, set on a separate subsidiary dial and independently wound as and when required.

The backplate bears a rather indistinct makers stamp of Drocourt and is numbered 21195 to the bottom left. In addition, a serial number of 13693 is stamped to the centre. The outer edge of the backplate is engraved 13693 LE ROY ET FILS, 13 ET 15 PALAIS-ROYAL, PARIS.,this being visible through the side glass.

The white enamel dial has a Roman chapter ring and Arabic five-minute markings above an alarm dial. It is in perfect original condition, with blued steel hands.

  • Height: 15 cms (6 inches) handle up
  • Width: 8.5 cms
  • Depth: 7.5 cms

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.



Ref: HS128

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