Gilded and Silver-plated Four-Glass Clock by Maple & Co


An exceptionally decorative late 19th century gilded brass four-glass mantel clock with enamel and silver-plated ornamentation, all in mint condition.

The case is gilded and silver-plated in a soft satin finish. It is surmounted with an enamelled cupola, the silvered support surrounded by a number of small enamelled columns. A line of matching columns lines the base of the clock. All columns have bright silver-plated corinthian caps and bases. The four-glass centre is framed with blue enamelled columns, the front with a silvered mask, into which the dial is inset.

The white enamel dial has an enameled sight ring behind the hinged bezel. The dial is signed for Maple & Co.,and has intricate gilt hands.

The French 8-day movement strikes the hours and the passing of the half hours on a coiled gong. It has a mercury compenated enameled pendulum. The movement is signed for Maple & Co. Ltd., Paris.


  • Height: 45cms
  • Width: 22cms
  • Depth: 18cms


Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: Maple

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