Bell-striking Neogothic Bracket Clock


Visually very striking, this bracket clock is typical of the Gothic style of Mathieu Planchon, dated 1890s.

MATHIEU PLANCHON (1842 – 1921) was born in Bourges. According to Tardy’s Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français, Planchon was influenced by the work of  Viollet le Duc,  a French architect and author who restored many prominent medieval landmarks in France. He specialised in Gothic designs, and designed a style known by the name “Style Planchon”. Certainly, many of his clocks are easily identified by style alone. We have sold another in the past, and it is not difficult to understand the influence of architecture from the Bourges cathedral for example. (see the final photo).

The quality of the workmanship is excellent. The Gothic design is of Gothic turrets and columns, with lancet-top arches and a fleur-de-lys frieze. The nickel-plated castings are highly detailed, and give a high contrast against the wooden case. We are delighted to offer this clock complete with the original matching wall bracket. The fleur-de-lys casting from the top of the clock is repeated in reverse on the base, and two wooden grotesques complete the architectural theme.

The movement has an outside countwheel striking mechanism, and is signed on the backplate for the maker. The pendulum is stamped with the serial number 3204, also stamped on the movement so showing it to be original. The clock strikes the hours on the top-mounted bell, by way of an ingenious levered mechanism which pivots through its apex.

The silvered dial chapter has a blue centre, with a decorative etching and signed PLANCHON AU PALAIS ROYAL. It is known that Planchon was established at Galerie Montpensier at the Palais Royal in 1890.

  • The combined height of clock and bracket is 36 inches (90cms)
  • The shelf dimensions are:
  • Width: 36cms
  • Depth 25cms

The movement is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.


Ref: GHPlan

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