Small Chrome Barograph by Léon Maxant


Early 20th century small French chrome barograph signed LM for Léon Maxant.

A barograph, or recording barometer, records the movement in barometric pressure over time. The papers are fixed to a revolving drum containing a clock mechanism – this drum rotates over the course of one week. A barograph makes an interest ornament for a scientist, or indeed anyone interested in the weather.

The chrome-plated case has a hinged lid fitted with bevelled glasses, the whole piece being in exceptionally good condition – so good in fact that we initially thought it had been recently re-plated.  The lid is effectively locked shut by a heavy sprung button to the left. The base is stamped with Leon Maxant’s trademark, L M either side of an anchor, and stamped with serial number 327834.

The barometer mechanism with 4 vacuum capsules, the recording arm fitted with a fibre tip nib.

The 8-day clock movement is contained within the recording drum, and is key wound with the original separate chrome key. The movement is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Height: 13.5cms
  • Width: 20cms
  • Depth: 12cms

Sold with a year’s supply of recording papers and a spare nib.

Léon Maxant (1856-1936)  manufactured barometers and other measuring instruments. The company produced everything related to pressure or the measurement of atmospheric pressure,

Maxant is renowned for the variety of its recording instruments, while close contact with the navy is revealed with the company logo (a marine anchor).

Ref: FL&M

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