Pewter Whale Oil Lamp clock


A late 18th century /  early 19th century whale oil lamp clock.

The ringed pewter base supports a glass oblong cylinder made to hold whale oil. A band of pewter makes a vertical scale on the cylinder. This is marked with Roman numerals from VI (6 p.m.) to VI (6 a.m.). The oil would be lit at 6pm. As the oil burned and the level in the reservoir dropped, it provided a rough measure of the passage of time.

The reservoir at the top of the stick has a tongued channel. A thumb support on the handle makes it easier, and of course safer to carry.

Whale oil was the lamp oil of choice for the wealthy – it burned brightly and with relatively little odour.

The base is a little dented, but otherwise, the lamp is in excellent original condition.

  • Height:13 inches (33.5cms).

The price includes shipping within the mainland UK.

Ref: GH1

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