Opus PMD 70 Regulator, Erwin Sattler


A limited edition of just 99 pieces worldwide, this fine pendulum clock exudes simple elegance and German build quality.

The discreet black varnished wood case has metal inlays, and a U-shaped anti-reflective mineral glass door, allowing the movement to be seen from three sides. It closes with a magnetic catch on the door.

The crank key is housed in the base of the clock, out of sight until it is next needed.

The two-piece dial nevertheless deserves particular attention. The beautiful face of the Opus PM 70 is made from aluminium with an electrically oxidised surface. In addition to the arabic hour digits, 12 applicated and polished indexes shine on the dial. Through the semi-circular opening below the “12”, the phases of the moon can be read via a hand-painted disk. This is just another factor that emphasises the high standards that lie at the heart of this timepiece. Exactly 29.5 days elapse from one new moon to another, meaning that after three years, a minor correction to the indicator needs to be made. The dial is completed by a subsidiary date display above the “6”.

The blued steel hands are domed by hand.

The week-going calibre 1412 movement has a passing strike on the hour; that is to say, it strikes just once each hour on a mellow coiled gong. The movement has the high quality build that one would expect of an Erwin Sattler clock – two precision ball bearings and seven synthetic ruby jewel bearings, and a conventional Graham escapement. The elegant weight with pulley weighs just a thousand grams.

The wood rod pendulum has a nickel-plated solid brass bob, and produces exactly 5184 half oscillations per hour. This precision control is enabled by a non-slip lock nut beneath the bob.

  • Height: 70cms
  • Width: 20 cms
  • Depth: 10 cms

The price includes delivery within the mainland UK, and a three-year guarantee.

Available to order – usually 6-8 weeks.

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