Limited edition Orrery Clock by Devon Clocks


The orrery clock consists of two movements linked through an exterior drive spindle, a clock movement and a planetary movement.

Dating from c.1980 this is part of a limited edition of 1500 clocks by Devon Clocks; we have serial number number 47. It is handmade using highly polished 22 carat gold plated brass and steel, mounted on a mahogany base which houses the fixed winding key. Complete with a glass dome.

The lower movement utilizes a double barrel drive wound by a common shaft. This 8 day movement powers the entire clock. Separate minute and hand rings rotate past the black time pointer.

The upper movement, with 52 moving parts, operates the configuration of seven planets showing their relationship to the Sun, as follows:
The Earth and moon rotating every 365 days (The Moon is silver plated);
Mercury rotating every 87 days;
Venus rotating every 229 days;
Mars rotating every 689 days;
Jupiter rotating every 4339 days;
Saturn rotating every 29½ years (The ring surrounding Saturn is silver plated).

The planets and their drive mechanism are encompassed by a fascinating globe structure, one band beautifully engraved with the months of the year while another portrays the signs of the Zodiac.

  • Height: 18 inches (46cms)

To be overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.
Price includes delivery within mainland UK.

Photographed is serial number 1044, whilst number 47 goes through the workshops for servicing and restoration.

Devon Instruments Ltd. was formed in 1946 to develop a commercial side to the traditional clockmaking and repairing training given to disabled persons at St. Loye’s College, Exeter. By 1980, some 86 people were employed, a high proportion of whom were disabled.  The number included many of the original trainees from St. Loye’s College with which strong links were still maintained [source:The Frodshams , The Story of a Family of Chronometer Makers 1758-1980, by Vaudrey Mercer]. When Devon Instruments acquired Charles Frodsham & Co. Ltd. in 1976,  they were already making high quality clocks based on traditional English manufacturers. Most of these clocks are engraved for Devon Clocks. No. 47 is one of the earliest of the production run, and carries a plaque for The James House Clock Co., a brandname of Charles Frodsham.

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Orrery clock by Devon clocks

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