Large English Dial clock with Star design Dial


A large English dial clock with an eight-day fusee movement. The red painted large 14-inch dial has a unique design. The numerals have a pinched waist, and the centre features a red star within a dotted ring.

The mahogany case has a polished wood dial surround, a hinged base door and, unusually a hinged back panel.

The combination of the large dial and the hinged back lead us to assume that this was made as a public clock, situated high up on a wall and not easily reached from the front for winding.  It is highly probable that this clock was mounted in an elevated gallery so that the rear door could be opened and the clock wound from the back.

Latched cast brass convex bezel.

The 8-day fusee movement is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Overall diameter: 46 cms (18 inches)
  • Depth: 16cms

Dated c.1900


Ref: LL855

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