Glashütte quarz Marine Chronometer clock


Dating from 1986, this German-made Glashütte Type 1-71 quartz marine chronometer clock is a fine quality desk clock that keeps excellent time, to within a second in a week.

The silvered dial has gold hands with subsidiary seconds below. It is in perfect condition, signed Glashütte quarz / Typ 1-71 / DHI 86/01/1/79, and marked with the serial number 2778.

The quartz movement is powered by four D-cell batteries.

The screw-on bezel conceals a neat sprung well which houses the tool for turning the hands. There is also a reset button to co-ordinate the time exactly with another source. The dial is signed MADE IN GDR beneath the bezel. The bezel and mask are gilt painted with a hammered finish.

The hinged glazed mahogany box has side brass carrying handles, and bearing a plaque with the serial number.

  • Height: 6 inches (15 cms)
  • Width: 7 ¼ inches (18.5 cms)
  • Depth: 7 ¼ inches (18.5 cms)

Guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: S164

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