BU003 Bulle Silver Contact Spring


These silver contact springs are fitted to the Bulle with one end attached to the end of the fork arbour and the other by a small rotatable brass tag. The fork has a small silver grove in which the spring, with it’s large loop end, rolls on each side to side movement of the pendulum. It serves three purposes.

1. To ensure electrical connection.
2. Eliminating fork play
3. Stabilising the fork from vibration.

How well it performs the last two is debatable. But it is certainly essential for the first. Funnily enough these contact springs, because of the rolling motion, tend not to wear. The only real reason they disappear is that they are just hooked into position and are not secured.

When attaching a new one they must not be stretched as they will distort very easily. The tag end should be attached first and then the tag adjusted until the loop end just loops over the groove with no stretching.
Material 0.15mm, silver plated copper, 4.00mm end loop 2.00mm coils

Supplied in a small perspex box.

Ref: BU003

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