Automaton windmill clock by Guilmet


An excellent example of a silver plated and gilt windmill clock with automaton attributed to the French clockmaker Guilmet, a design from his novelty industrial clock series, dating from circa 1890.

The tapered tower case houses a timepiece clock, a barometer and two spirit thermometers, one graded in degrees Fahrenheit and the with Centigrade & Reamur scales.

The 8 day clock has a 3-inch silvered dial ring with Roman numerals and above it is an aneroid barometer. The sails of the windmill are driven by an independent movement which is wound by opening the small door in the base. The conical top can be lifted to see the pulley in motion.

André Romain Guilmet produced many industrial clocks from the mid 1870s until circa 1910.

This clock can be found in the book, Mystery, Novelty & Fantasy Clocks, by Derek Roberts, pages 265 & 268.

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Height: 48cms
  • Diameter of the base: 17cms
  • Diameter of the sails: 27cms

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Antique clock automaton by Guilmet, France


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