Arch top Chrome Bulle mantel clock


A small French Art Deco electromagnetic mantel clock in a chrome-plated case, dating from the 1940s. It is powered by a standard 1.5V battery concealed within the base, and the glass front allows the pendulum to be seen swinging below the dial.

This is a fully original clock in excellent condition. The movement is to be overhauled for sale.

This form of electromagnetic mechanism was developed by Frenchman Maurice Favre-Bulle in the 1910s. The pendulum consists of a coil which passes over the curved bar magnet with three poles (North at either end and South in the centre, or vice versa). As an electrical current is briefly imparted to the coil, it is attracted towards one end of the bar. It then naturally falls back to (and over-runs) the centre, when the impulse is again imparted to attract it to the other end. This design was patented in 1920, and during the period 1920 to 1952 it is estimated that production was in the region of 300,000 clocks.

  • Height: 8 inches (20 cms)
  • Width: 6 inches (15 cms)
  • Depth: 3 inches (7.5 cms)
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