Antique Stick Barometer by Peter Dollond of London


An excellent 18th century antique mahogany stick barometer from perhaps the most renowned of all barometer makers.

The silvered brass scale is calibrated from 28″ to 31″ and incorporates a sliding vernier.

The mahogany case has an exposed mercury tube, flanked with herringbone mahogany veneers. It has a hemispherical mahogany cistern cover to the base and an architectural break-arch pediment to the top, with central brass finial.


Peter Dollond (1730-1820) set up as an optician aged 20, and by 1763 was listed as Optician to His Majesty and The Duke of York. In 1752, his father John joined him in business until his death in 1761; later he took on his son, then his nephew. The firm had a shop in the Haymarket, London after 1784, and flourished for over 150 years until its acquisition by Aitchison in 1913.

Fully overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Price includes delivery within mainland UK.

Ref: D892

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