American Electric Torsion Clock – Tiffany Never Wind


The 400-day clock (or “Anniversary” clock) is a very popular design as the movement of the rotating pendulum makes the clock an interesting kinetic ornament.

The Tiffany Never Wind electric clock is one of the early forms of electric clock movement for a torsion clock.

Today, very many are being made with quartz movements, but this technology pre-dates the invention of the first quartz mechanism  (in 1927) by a quarter of a century.

This clock’s electromechanical movement design was first patented by George Steel Tiffany of New Jersey U.S.A. in 1901.

The pendulum consists of a rotating pair of balls suspended by wire.  The earliest model was electrically impulsed on each rotation of the pendulum. Later additional patents were awarded in 1904 for a simpler model where the movement is impulsed at the end of the rotation of the pendulum in only one direction, such as our example.

The solenoid is activated by 3 x D-cell 1.5V batteries neatly concealed within the base, in a modern battery holder supported by the original fittings.

The dial is signed for the manufacturer, TIFFANY NEVER WIND (CLOCK Co.) over their logo.

The frame and pendulum have been silver-plated with a soft satin finish, as opposed to bright.

The clock is mounted on a turned silver-plated brass base, and protected under a glass dome.

Overhauled and guaranteed.

  • Height: 24cms
  • Diameter: 15cms

[information source: 150 Years of Electric Horology, edited by Elmer G. Crum & William F. Keller]

Ref: 1587ii

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