1920s Bardon Electric Clock


A rare early electric clock, manufactured by Etablissements Bardon, 61 Blvd National, Clichy, Seine, France, in c.1920-25.

The gilded four-glass case is in excellent original condition, with doors front and back, and beveled glasses to the four sides. It is positioned on four knurled feet allowing for final adjustment and leveling of the clock.

The hands are advanced by a ratchet wheel located on the rear of the mechanism. A pawl on the pendulum acts on the ratchet wheel on each swing, energising the coil in the base by way of a switch. This is timed to impulse the pendulum.

The heavy horse-shoe shaped magnet which forms the pendulum is faced by two gilded brass turned discs centered by a knurled rating nut indicating ‘R’ and ‘A’, for Retard & Advance. There is an additional method of regulation by virtue of moving a lever set within the base similarly marked ‘R’ and ‘A’. This works by impeding the magnetic impulse given to the pendulum.

The 1.5V ‘D’ cell battery is discreetly housed in a new cylindrical brass container. This is designed to utilise the original battery fittings, located at the top rear of the mechanism.

  • Height: 13½ inches (34cms)
  • Width: 6¾ inches (17cms)
  • Depth: 6 inches (15cms)

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: Bardon

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