TM3 Time Machine, Anna by Schlumpf Innovations


Limited edition innovative wall skeleton clock with discreet indication of minutes and hours. The beautifully engineered 8-day duration mechanism has a dual main-spring drive, one of which simultaneously winds the other. To reduce friction, the teeth on the smaller gears turn on lantern pinions, where the brass teeth rotate around their shafts. All arbors are running in ball bearings.

The clock has eight massive gears, three of which indicate the time.

The upper-most escape wheel completes one revolution in sixty seconds. The dead beat escapement has exceptionally fine, shock-absorbing pallets. This gives a smooth and almost silent operation requiring minimal energy impulsed to the massive pendulum.

Below this wheel is the minute wheel, followed by the hour wheel.

The therapeutic one second pendulum has a small amplitude. The pendulum is supported on two hardened steel conical pointed pivots, one facing upwards, the other facing downwards, allowing the pendulum to protrude from the front of the clock in an ingenious way.

A choice of combinations of finishes are:

* Black or matt-silver anodized frame
* Black or gold anodized gears and pendulum bob (in stock)

Each version is limited to 99 numbered pieces.

Manufacturer’s warranty – 2 years. Click here to the Schlumpf website.

  • Height: 105cm
  • Width: 27cm

Pendulum bob diameter: 240 mm

It is also available as a floor-mounted version in all finishes – black / silver and black / gold, and a floor standing version – the Johann. Phone for prices.

Schlumpf Innovations’ previous history has been in the manufacture of bespoke bicycle gearing. These Time Machines are a new innovation for them, the first Time Machine appearing in 2014.

The price includes delivery and set-up in the mainland UK.


Ref: TM3 Wall Machine

Ref: TM3 Anna

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