Jaeger leCoultre, Atmos du Millénaire Atlantis


Dating from c. 2001, this visually striking barometric-driven Atmos clock was designed by Robert Kohler for Jaeger leCoultre to celebrate the passing of the new millennium in 2000.

It has a 1,000 year calendar, the white spiral dial displaying a scale for years, going to the year 3,000. There is a window for the month, and a moon phase indicator.

The glass quadrilateral case has a removable front panel , and is raised on three rhodium-plated polished feet.

The Caliber 556 movement numbered 699196 is wound by changes in the air pressure. 

  • Height: 25cms
  • Width : 27.5cms
  • Depth: 15 cms 

The clock is sold in perfect original condition, with a Jaeger-LeCoultre certificat de garantie, livret de garantie, instruction manual and outer packaging.

Guaranteed for 3 years.




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