Sandblasted Glass Barometer & Thermometer


The Innovacelli Barometer is the answer to the EU’s ban on the use of mercury – Dingens has designed an innovative instrument which is both an effective and aesthetically pleasing instrument. The style fits perfectly into any modern or design interior, but can also be combined with a classic interior. An asset to any living room or office.

The coloured liquid is contained within a cistern topped with a membrane. This sits above a vacuum chamber consisting of 8 bellows which react to changes in pressure – when the air pressure falls the bellows will expand, forcing the liquid in the cistern up the tube. Hence a higher liquid level indicates a low pressure reading. The adjustment screw at the base allows the user to set the barometer for your own altitude.

The frame is 12mm sandblasted glass, with a beveled edge. Separated from this glass is a sheet of sandblasted 10mm glass, containing the scale which is screenprinted in black, and with the barometer tube mounted on top.

Alongside the barometer is a stainless steel rod with a pointer, to compare one day to the next.

Flanking the barometer on the other side is a clear 68 cm long thermometer.

This sandblasted version is better than transparent glass against a dark background as the scale is more legible.

For a light background, consider the transparent glass (ref: 707.551)

  • Height : 97 cms
  • Width:  16 cms
  • Depth:  13 cms

Guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: 708.655

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