EU005 Eureka Regulated Battery Holder


This battery holder is a direct replacement for the original 1.5v Flag Cell battery which is no longer available. The size is exactly as the original being 160mm by 63mm, so it will fit the original battery compartment perfectly.

The terminals are also as original so there is no need to modify the wiring to suit modern battery holders. The housing encloses a small regulator circuit which has a potentiometer allowing the battery voltage to be set anywhere from 1.5v to 3.0v providing a stable regulated supply to the clock. The maximum current is 250ma which is more than enough for the Eureka clock.

The unit is supplied with a holder for four replaceable “C” batteries (6v). The benefit of adding the regulator circuit to the battery means that the clock rate can be adjusted with the potentiometer before fine tuning with the balance spring rating star wheel.

Comes with pot trimmer tool and battery holder for 4 “C” cells.

Price includes recorded delivery within mainland UK.

Ref: EU005

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