French Regulator Timepiece Wall Clock


An antique French timepiece wall clock with an innovative timepiece movement. It is driven by two small weights winding onto one barrel over fixed pulleys. This allows for smaller weights, and clear sight of the temperature-compensated pendulum, hampered by neither weights not pulleys.

The oak case is simple elegance, the break-arch moulded cornice top over a fully glazed front door edged in a fine cast-brass frame. The sides are also glazed, letting light in to show off the grain of the oak backboard.  The base steps to a very finely turned finial.

The movement has circular plates and a classic Brocot escapement. The movement is regulated by a twin vial mercury pendulum. The weights are suspended by screwed terminals attached to the cables.

The original white enamel 6-inch dial has Breguet-style blued steel hands, and an adjustment square at XII for fine-tuning the regulation.

  • Height: 3 feet (90cms)
  • Width: 12 inches (30cms)
  • Depth: 6 1/2 inches (16cms)

The movement is overhauled and the clock guaranteed for 3 years.