Erwin Sattler Metallica 1735 Precision Regulator


Refined elegance and outstanding quality define this month-going precision regulator wall clock.

The case

Fine metal inlays enhance its modern, simple case, which is coated in 13 layers of black varnish and polished to a high gloss by hand.

As usual with the precision pendulum clocks from Erwin Sattler, the clock’s winding crank and fine adjustment weights are located in a hidden compartment in the bottom of the case.

The movement

Twenty years of experience have gone into the movement in the Metallica 1735, resulting in a unique 5/6-second pendulum clock. Because of the shorter pendulum in this model, its second hand takes six steps every five seconds. Thanks to the first-class craftsmanship and the use of high-grade materials, the Metallica 1735 achieves an accuracy drift of about three to four seconds per month. The Sattler Caliber 2005 movement has a power reserve of  30 days, and incorporates 8 precision ball bearings, 6 in screwed-in jewel bearings, 2 agate anchor pallets, and is complete with gold-plated gear wheels.

The Dial

The regulator-style dial is silver plated with a Roman hours and Arabic minutes, with a skeletonised seconds dial showing the visible escapement.

A solid, polished and nickel-plated brass bezel frames the dial with hand-finished domed and blued hands.

  • Height: 105 cm,
  • width:  27 cm,
  • depth:  14 cm

The price includes delivery and setting up within the UK mainland.

Ref: Erwin Sattler Metallica

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