Early 1960s Sensenich Propeller Clock

Sensenich airplane propeller, Model: M74DM, serial number A33067.

This genuine aluminium alloy aircraft propellor has a length of 74″, the hub now housing an early-mid C20th timepiece mechanical clock.

The original paintwork can be seen on several of the images, but this has now been stripped and the aluminium polished to give a modern bright finish.

The clock has a rear-wound platform escapement of 8-day duration. It removes easily from the case by twisting four of the retaining nuts which secure the chrome bezel. The white enamel dial has a 3-inch diameter, with Arabic numerals within an outer minute track.

Unfortunately, the history of the propeller is unknown.

The clocks mechanism is to be overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

The overall length is 188cms; the clock may just as well be placed within the hub such that the propeller is vertical, or indeed at any angle on the wall.

Price includes delivery within mainland UK.