BU022 Bulle Regulated Battery


This battery is a direct replacement for the original 1.5v Bulle battery No23 which is no longer available. The size (125mm x 40mm x 40mm) is slightly shorter than the No23 and is designed to fit the column of the tall “A” movement clocks. It will also fit many other Bulle clocks but NOT a clockette* (height includes terminals).

Please be aware of the measurements of this battery and double check the battery compartment of your clock to be sure it will fit.

The terminals are 3 mm screw studs with insulated caps to protect the terminals from shorting when used in the model “A” column. The housing encloses a small regulator circuit based on the Maxim Max667 chip, and has a potentiometer allowing the battery voltage to be set anywhere from 1.25v to 3.0v providing a stable regulated supply to the clock. The maximum current is 250ma which is more than enough for the Bulle clock. The unit is supplied with a holder for standard replaceable “AA” batteries. The benefit of adding the regulator circuit to the battery means that the voltage will remain constant throughout the life of the batteries.

* In the case of a Clockette, we can supply a modified shortened version where the battery holder sits externally to the regulator (see picture).

Price includes recorded delivery within mainland UK.