Ships Barometer on Gimbals

Blatt Ships barometer

A high quality reproduction of a gimballed ships barometer, dating from the mid 20th century.

The turned tubular mahogany case has gilt brass mounts, supported on a gilt metal gimbal wall bracket, allowing free movement of the stick to fore and aft, left and right (thus keeping it vertical when the waves are rocking the ship).

The angled silvered scales are signed I. BLATT, BRIGHTON.  The right-hand register plate shows barometer calibrations in inches with the usual weather predictions  – Fair, Change, Rain and Stormy, each in their own stylised script. The left hand plate bears a mercury thermometer graded in degrees Fahrenheit.

On the trunk, at the position of the gimbals, is a freely rotating engraved gilt scale to mark the pressure reading for “Yesterday”. This is as an alternative to a vernier scale.

Height : 37″ (94cms)

Supported on the gimbals brings the depth the 17cm, or 6½ inches.