Early Electric clock, Self Winding Clock Company


A rare early electromagnetic clock dating from the early 1900s, when electric clocks by The Self Winding Clock Co, New York graced public buildings on both sides of the Atlantic.

An illuminated four-sided clock by the SWCC is still operational above the kiosk in the Grand Central Station, New York, and they were in common use in The London Underground.

This clock has one of the earlier of their movement models, referred to as a Type C. The front plate shows that this was made by Seth Thomas.

It winds itself every hour, the winding lasts for not more than 13 seconds – see the video below.

The Self Winding Clock Company was formed in 1886 by Charles Pratt and Chester H. Pond to market a battery driven electro-magnetic self winding clock mechanism patented by Pond in 1884. The actual clock movements were manufactured for them by E. Howard Watch & Clock Co. of Boston, the Seth Thomas Clock Co. of Thomaston, Conn. and the H.C. Thompson Clock Co. of Bristol, Conn.. [source: American Clocks – American Clockmakers & Watchmakers Vol. 3, by Sonya L. & Thomas J. Spittler & Chris H. Bailey]

  • Height: 35cm plus the hanger
  • Width: 23cms
  • Depth 14cms

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: PB493

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