Rosewood Drum Clock by Walter Yonge, London


An 1830-40s drum wall clock in a rosewood veneered mahogany case, the flat silvered 10-inch dial is engraved for Walter Yonge, London. The highly figured veneers to the flat dial surround radiate from the dial.

The curved door in the base is locking, and allows access to impulse the pendulum. The access to hang the pendulum is a latched door in the back of the clock.

The quality four pillar 8-day movement has round-topped plates cut out at the base. Unusually the centre wheel pivot is supported by a three-footed bridge affixed to the backplate, presumably to allow for a shallower case.

The cast brass convex section bezel has a silvered sight ring.

Finely cut black steel moon hands.

  • 11¾ inches (30 cms) in diameter,
  • 4¾ inches (10.5 cms) in depth.

To be overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.


The Clockmaker

George Yonge was a noted fine clockmaker, especially of long-case clocks. Walter Yonge was in business with his father as George Yonge & Son, 1823-30 before becoming George and Walter Yonge who continued trading from various addresses in The Strand until at least 1856. Walter Yonge was known to be trading from 156 Strand, London.

Ref: B13121

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