The Rosemary Skeleton Clock, by Sinclair Harding


One of the very few examples of a high level engineering luxury good to be made wholly in England by Sinclair Harding,  “The Rosemary” was first produced in 2009, and is a miniaturised version of the Great Wheel Skeleton Clock.

At just 4 inches depth, this is a perfect size of skeleton clock to grace most mantel-pieces.

Every part, with the exception of the pallet, is made from either Rhodium plated Brass or Stainless Steel, which will eliminate any tarnishing problems caused by high humidity. The case is fitted with bevelled glasses to four sides.

Just like the Great Wheel Skeleton Clock, the Main Wheel has 288 teeth, which are cycloidal tooth form, and makes just one revolution daily. The escapement is a ‘Graham Deadbeat’ controlled by a silk suspension and Invar pendulum. The movement is fitted with Maltese Cross stop work to achieve the most accurate timekeeping and the clock will run for a full 8 days.

  • Height: 27cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Depth: 10cm

Guaranteed for 3 years.

Sinclair Harding

Sinclair Harding (UK) Ltd  was originally founded in 1967 by Bill Sinclair and Mike Harding and was based in Cheltenham, England. Over the years the company developed a reputation for making traditional longcase clocks and a range of fine skeleton clocks.

In 1995 Robert (Bob) Bray, a precision engineer with 23 years experience in small gears took over the company; a man whose simple goal was to be totally independent and capable of making every part for each clock.

The Rosemary is also available in a Gold-plated finish.

A presentation case is available.

The plates can be made any shape within the confines of the wheel train and personal engraving can be added to the plinth. Together with the silk type of suspension which can be lowered and the pendulum temporarily secured, this makes this clock ideal for presentation ceremonies.

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