Irish Domestic Regulator Longcase clock


This is a really stylish oak Victorian longcase clock with a regulator-quality 8-day movement.

The case is of honey-coloured oak  with a long glazed door. Both the trunk door and the hood are surmounted by carved fleur de lys and have smooth convex molded edges. The hood door has a quarter-veneered surround to the molded oak dial rim and deep-set dial sight ring.

The Movement

The eight-day movement has many charactersitics of a quality domestic regulator,

shaped plates,

dead-beat escapement, and

Harrison’s maintaining power.

It is rack-striking on a coiled gong, giving a deep mellow strike on the hour, and the passing of the half hour.

The wood rod pendulum with cylindrical zinc bob is another sign of quality as these materials are less susceptible to variations in temperature.

The pair of brass-bound weights are suspended from substantial pulleys, each with five crossings.


The 13-inch circular cream dial is signed Dobbyn & Son Dublin with a subsidiary seconds dial above.

  • Height: 210 cms (63inches)
  • Width: 52cms
  • Depth: 26cms


The movement is to be overhauled, and guaranteed for 3 years.

The Makers

(George) Dobbyn & Son worked at 65 Dame St. Dublin as watch and clock makers. There is an entry in Thom’s Almanac and Official Directory for 1862 for “Dobbyn, George, and Son, watch, clock, and timepiece makers to Her Majesty’s offices, Irish railways”. They are listed in Brian Loomes’ Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World, Vol 2 as working 1868-1880.

Other sources indicate that the business ceased in 1926.

Ref: GHDobbyn

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