Orrery Planetarium clock, English made


An English-made interesting and attractive Orrery Planetarium clock, dating from the latter part of the 20th century.

This was a design manufactured by Devon Clocks, a company that specialised in the making of high quality reproductions of historic clocks with complications, including the Congreve rolling ball clock, and the falling globe clock.

The clock is a table centre-piece, mounted on a piece of black marble, and enclosed with a mitred glass box. The clock locates on two brass pegs on the marble base, and can be lifted off for winding, the onboard key being located on the underside of the movement.

The eight-day clock movement has a platform escapement. The movement incorporates gears for the time of day, date, month and sign of the Zodiac, the moon’s age (numerically) and phase (graphically). The central brass orb represents the sun, with the closest four planets in the solar system in orbit;

Mercury (white)

Venus (yellow)

Earth (brass with a white moon)

Mars (red)

The date and Zodiac rings are silvered and engraved, and are static. The brass pointer mounted on the great wheel indicates the date.

Conversely, the Time of the Day pointer is static; the silvered disk beneath it is engraved with Roman hours within a track marked for quarter hours. This disk rotates once every 12 hours.

The movement has been overhauled and is guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: M305

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