Mystery Swinging Clock on Eagle Sculpture


A kinetic sculptural piece, these mystery swinging clocks are both intriguing and pleasing to behold.

Dated c.1900 and made in Switzerland, the fine silver-plated eagle sculpture supports a clock/pendulum ensemble on a twig in an eagle’s beak by a X suspension spring.

The eagle with outstretched wings is very well cast with fine detailed feathers, and he is perched on a rouge marble circular base.

Many of these clocks are of an inferior mechanical quality, having pin-pallet escapements. This however is well-engineered and executed, the escapement with brocot pallets and a compound pendulum. The backplate is signed with an R and numbered 4202.

The movement is contained with a green sphere, mounted with applied gilt Roman numerals and a gilt crest. The dial is indistinctly signed HORLOGERIE DE GENEVE.  The mounts retain the original mercury gilding, in excellent condition.

Gilt filigree pierced hands.

The gridiron pendulum has a spherical bob.

  • Height: 32cms
  • Diameter c.23cms

The movement is to be overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.


Ref: GH Eagle

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