London and South Western Railway 8-inch dial Mahogany clock


A good original 1890s 8-inch dial railway clock with fully overhauled fusee timepiece movement.

The repainted dial is signed SR (Southern Railways) / John Walker / 1 South Molton Street / London / 4107.S.W. Official railway records show that this serial number was originally owned by London and South Western Railways (LSWR). It had been located at Wimbledon station in the lower parcels office (with an annual maintenance cost of 3/6d).

It has a spun brass bezel fitted with flat glass. The mahogany case has a curved base with latched access door, and hinged side door. The rear of the backbox is stamped with the serial number 4107 SW.

The Southern Railway constituent companies used a few notable suppliers – Richard Webster of London, William Wright of London, Stockall Marples, Gillett and Johnson and of course John Walker of London. They used the services of John Walker to regulate and service their clocks and many early Southern based clocks were re written regardless of original suppliers name with the famous JOHN WALKER 1 South Molton ST London dial painting. []

Black painted spade hands.

  • Diameter : 27 cms
  • Depth : 14cms

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years

Ref: 1526

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