Large Four Glass Clock with sweep seconds, Le Roy & Fils


A magnificent beautifully proportioned giant French regulator four glass clock by this well respected maker, Le Roy et Fils, dating from the 1870s.

Four glass clocks are popular as the swinging pendulum can be clearly seen. This clock has the added benefit of a sweep centre seconds hand, a rare complication in antique mantel clocks.

The arch top case retains its original mercury gilding in lovely condition with few signs of patination.

The larger oversize movement drives a half seconds pendulum with its lozenge-section steel shaft and massive silvered pendulum bob. The movement is signed LEROY & FILS A PARIS 788, and strikes the hours and the passing of the half hour on a large bell.

The classic white enamel two-piece dial is in pristine original condition and is signed for Le Roy et Fils, 211 Regent Street, London. The escapement is visible through the centre of the dial, displaying its agate pallets. Most unusually the front escape wheel pivot has a jewelled bearing, I have only seen three of these in the best part of thirty years and that the conclusion is, quite reasonably, that this is a quality touch reserved for the best examples of their day.

Le Roy et Fils

Basile Charles Le Roy esatablished the business in 1785 and was a well known and fine makers of clocks. He partnered with his son Charles-Louis Le Roy in 1828.

Basile Charles Le Roy was the Master Clockmaker to Napolean and together with his son were clockmakers to the Princess Pauline and the Duke de Bourbon.

Examples of their work are in all the major collections as well in the Ministere de la Guerre, Paris.

The Maison de Le Roy was founded in 1785 at Palais Royal and continued until the death of Charles-Louis Le Roy at Versailles in 1865.

Leroy & Fils acquired 211 Regent Street sometime prior to 1866, and by 1875 had also acquired 213 Regent Street.

From 1885, the London retail outlet of Le Roy et Fils was at 57 Bond Street, having moved from Regent Street.

  • Height: 18.75 inches (48 cms)
  • Width: 27 cms
  • Depth: 20 cms

To get a sense of proportion, the Le Roy four glass clock has been photographed next to a large four-glass clock with ships wheel pendulum.


The movement is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.