Laminated Wooden Propeller with clock


A lovely original laminated wooden propeller from March 1930, now retro fitted with a mechanical bulkhead clock of a similar era.

The polished blades have an overall length of 142cms, with the leading edge finished with a brass strip. The central hub has been widened to now accommodate a bulkhead timepiece clock with hinged brass glass door.

The hub is stamped twice on the reverse 17652. The front is stamped

D 1420 P1050 (D: diameter, P: pitch)

A.C.G. No. 17652

MAR/30 (date)

To the other side are these markings:

DRG No. Z.208  (drawing number)

ABC Scorpion II

The ABC Scorpion II is a 34 hp (25 kW) two-cylinder aero engine designed by British engineer Granville Bradshaw for use in light aircraft. The engine was built by ABC Motors Limited and first ran in 1924 [source: Wikipedia]

Of the aircraft that was powered by a Scorpion II engine, a surviving ANEC II (G-EBJO) flies regularly at the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden.

The clock by Buren has a fully overhauled 8-day movement with a jewelled Swiss lever platform escapement. The back is stamped SWISS MADE, with the serial number 97819.

The perfect white 4 1/2-inch dial is protected by a hinged cast brass bezel fitted with thick beveled glass.

The clock can be set within the hub at any angle, so as to hand the propeller vertically, horizontally, or anything between.

Ref: CT675

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