Jaeger leCoultre Jubilee Atmos clock

Atmos clock

A rare limited edition gilt brass Atmos clock dating from 1978, in exceptionally good condition.

Jaeger leCoultre created the JUBILEE model to mark  the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the first Atmos clock by Jean Leon Reutter in 1928.

The “Reutter” design offered as the K2 model in 1931 was revived for a limited edition of 1500 clocks. The caliber 550 movement was specially created for the 50th birthday of the ATMOS. It was given the look of the old Atmos I caliber, but the original mercury mechanism was replaced with the modern vacuum canister.

The clock base is numbered on a plaque 0349, and the clock is presented in the red leatherette presentation case, in pristine condition.

In full working condition, although the movement will be fully overhauled for sale and guaranteed for 3 years.

Atmos clocks require no winding. The power is derived from the response of the vacuum bellows to very small changes in temperature. The silent operation and the slow oscillation of the pendulum make these clocks very restful to watch.

Made in Switzerland.

240 mm × 170 mm × 170 mm