Jaeger leCoultre 1960s Atmos clock

Atmos-calibre 528-8

A Swiss gilt-brass perpetual motion Atmos clock by Jaeger leCoultre, model 528-8. This model has a base, pillars and top with canted corners. The gold-plated case has a high polish gilt finish, and is a bell-jar design. The 5-sided canopy lifts off by releasing teh soprung lugs on either side.

The movement will be overhauled for sale, and guaranteed for 3 years.

The square dial has applied gilt digits between the Arabic 12, 3, 6 and 9. The gilt dagger hands are original.

Serial number 182875, dating from the c.1960s.

Atmos clocks are known as perpetual motion clocks, as they require no winding. An aneroid chamber mounted on the back of the movement contains a mixture of liquid and gas which expands and contracts with movements in temperature, and this motion winds the mainspring. Even a one degree change in temperature is sufficient to wind the clock for 2 days’ duration.

The silent operation and the torsion pendulum’s slow oscillations make these clocks very restful to watch.

  • 8 ¾ in. (22 cm.) high;
  • 7 in. (18 cm.) wide;
  • 5 ¼ in. (13.5 cm.) deep

There is a locking lever located at the base used to lock the pendulum for transport.