Industrial Factory Master and Slave Clocks


A matching pair of original electric wall clocks by Brillie, dating from the c. 1940s in industrial grey metal cases.

The master clock has marble back, the 17-inch high cuboid metal case suspended from the top with two clips. It has a 6- inch square white dial with centre seconds.
The pendulum drives the motionwork by an electromagnetic system, powered with a 1.5V battery.

The half second pendulum with Invar steel rod was specially constructed to avoid variations in temperature. It has a large bronze spherical bob over a curved magnet.

The conforming electric Brillie 12-inch slave dial clock has a screw down bezel, and connects via a cable. The colour of the cable sheath could of course be colour-matched to suit your decor.

These clocks were built to be highly accurate . The masters were built to run a large number of slaves, so that everybody within the factory was working to the same time.

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Price includes delivery within mainland UK.


Ref: GH8241104

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