Huge Wall Clock, for interior or exterior use


An opportunity to buy a completely unique huge wall clock, part old, part new, with a huge presence and a big Wow factor.

The counterbalanced heavy metal antique hands measure 31 inches from centre to tip and were sourced from a French antique market, origin unknown (or lost in translation).

From there, the project was born;

The hands have been copper finished.

The clock centre is fabricated from a copper pan, handle removed. . , being fabricated from non ferrous materials throughout. The precision engineered gears are supported from self lubricating materials. Produced to the highest accuracy this ensures reliability and accuracy of the clock.

A set of vintage “Clock Golf” numerals completes the clock. Depending on it final use and resting place, these could be set into a dial chapter ring or square, or the pins removed and affixed directly to the wall. Or omitted altogether for a modern look. They have been copper finished to suit the hands.

With a total diameter 175cms, this clock turns a blank wall into a statement.

Guaranteed for 3 years.

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