Great Exhibition Skeleton Timepiece


This design of miniature skeleton clock was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of London, held at Crystal Palace in 1851. The design was then reproduced over the next decades with slight modifications, sometimes with an alarm.

Some designs of skeleton clock are too busy to be able to easily read the time. This is not the case with this clock where the simple styling of the plates combine with a clear white enamel dial ring.

This example is an 8-day timepiece, mounted on a rosewood base under a square section glass dome. The pendulum hangs from a silk suspension, regulated from the front by a large knurled disc.

The clock has been overhauled, so the plates and wheels are polished brass, and the base plate has been lacquered in addition. It is fortunate to have survived its 150 years or so of life with the glass dome still intact. I have seen many with later ill-fitting domes.

The base plate is stamped with Ms Honorables, Exp. Paris London., and the base of a pillar is stamped with its serial number.

The whole, including dome and base, stands at under 8 ½ inches tall.

Roman dial and original matching steel moon hands.

  • Height: 21.5cms (8½ inches)
  • Width: 13 cms (5 inches)
  • Depth: 11.5 cms (4½ inches)

Dated c.1860

Guaranteed for 3 years.

Our price includes delivery within the mainland UK.

Ref: GtEx

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