1910s EverReady Electric Clock


“The Ever Ready” electric clock was manufactured by the Ever Ready Specialities Company to a design by Herbert Scott patented in 1902 (RLP 10271). The clock was produced in at least three versions from about 1904 to 1912. This is the first of these electric clocks that I have owned, and I shall be sad to part with it!

The 5″ white enamel Arabic dial bears the retailer’s name LONDON STEREOSCOPIC COMPANY, 106 & 108 REGENT ST, LONDON W. . The nickel-plated bezel is raised on four nickel-plated pillars with a beveled edged mirror back panel behind. The case sides and front are glazed, with beveled edge glass, all mounted on oak base. The base has four screw adjustable brass feet for levelling.

The movement has a variation of the Hipp toggle escapement. That is, the failing swing of the pendulum is utilised to close the electrical circuit. As detailed in the Hope Jones Electric Clocks book, a click rides free of the electrical contact, but when the arc of the pendulum reduces, it engages in a shelf cut in the top of each tooth and consequently rides at a higher level than normal. It then makes contact with a component above closing the circuit, energising the coils and impulsing the pendulum.

Unusually the motion of the pendulum travels back and forth (as opposed to sideways which is more normal).  You can see the physical acceleration of the pendulum as the impulse occurs.

The motionwork is driven by 2 x standard ‘C’ batteries, with the holder connected by wire to the back of the base.

  • Height:  14.5″ (37cms)
  • Width:  11½ inches (29.5cms)
  • Depth:   8½ inches (21cms)

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: BH576

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