English Alarm Dial Clock, by Dent of London


Dating from 1879, this is an extremely rare English fusee dial clock by Dent. The rarity is derived from the original weight-driven alarm function.

The dial exhibits a central silvered alarm setting disc with the hour hand having a tail pointer with which to set the alarm. The weight is suspended by a chain which is wound by hand. The alarm is loud enough to wake the dead – use with caution!

The whole mechanism, alarm and all is a beautifuly engineered classic Dent example. The bell for the alarm bell is mouted on top of the case and is barely visible at eye level.

The alarm runs itself out when the pear-shaped counterweight reaches the case. Both alarm weight and counterweight look as original as they can possibly be.

The 10-inch dial is worn, but nicely so, and I have chosen not to restore it as I think this maintains its age, character and originalty. It is signed for Dent, within their trademark triangle, and the addresses 61 Strand & 34 Royal Exchange, London. 39718.

The clock comes with its original numbered key which matches the serial number 39718 on the dial and movement.

From Dent’s records which still exist, this clock can be dated by the serial number fairly accurately to 1879.

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Dent is a highly esteemed company of English clockmakers, the name still exists today, and their history can be seen here.

Among their many prestigious commissons, London’s Big Ben remains their most famous clock to date.


Ref: B194168

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