Drocourt grande sonnerie carriage clock for Tiffany


An excellent late 1870s gilt Gorge-cased grande sonnerie carriage clock made by Drocourt for Tiffany.

The newly regilded case is pristine, with a one-way folding handle.

The gong-striking movement gives a choice of strike, the strike function selected by way of a lever to the underside of the clock giving a choice of

  • Full striking – Grande Sonnerie  (strikes the hours and quarters on two gongs at each quarter) / 
  • Striking – Petite Sonnerie (just the quarters on the two gongs and the hour on the hour) / 
  • Silent.

The alarm sounds on one gong.

The gorge style case has been newly regilded, and so is as new.

The backplate is stamped with the Drocourt trademark, and serial number 12782.

The 8-day movement has Drocourt’s signature straight wheel crossings and ringed pillars, and a silvered platform escapement with narrow balance cock. According to extensive research carried out by Leigh Extence, it is fairly certain that Drocourt’s clock serial number 10757 was made in 1875/76, so this example dates to  circa 1880. There is no blanc roulant number on the front plate as this was made after the date that Drocourt had taken over production from H.L. the supplier of their earlier blanc roulants.

The perfect white enamel dial is signed for the retailer TIFFANY & CO., GENEVA. A small alarm dial sits below the main Roman dial.

The movement is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: 1589

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