Double Dial Swinging Pendulum Freischwinger Clock


This imposing French bi-metallic two-sided clock, 48 inches (122cms) in height, swings gently with an amplitude of not more than 5cms.

Two perfect 11-inch white enamel dials face either side of the bob, with Roman numerals, one-side with sweeping centre seconds. The clocks are driven by the same gear train, but the hour hands can be set to indicate two different time zones.

The centre section is a gridiron pendulum of lyre form, with alternating brass and steel rods.

The fourteen-day timepiece movement is fitted with a pinwheel escapement and threaded beat adjustment.

Dated c.1825

The gridiron pendulum suspends from a pair of non-original brackets. However, a suitable ceiling mounted bracket could be fashioned instead to suit its final location.

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Price includes delivery within mainland UK.


Ref: SkSw173

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