Charvet-Delorme Detect Electromagnetic Clock


Originally contained in a black metal case (photographed), we have had a glass box made to better show off the beauty of the movement.

The Detect was a brandname of Charvet-Delorme, Lyon, France. The concept of the mechanism is identical to the Brillié clock. That is, it has a magnet positioned to the lower end of the pendulum that moves through the centre of a fixed coil, the coil being energised by switch gear activated by the movement of the pendulum.

The clock is in excellent condition, mounted on a marble back, and is aesthetically beautiful in its simplicity.

Chromed and aluminium fittings and a silvered dial give a crisp look.

Dated c.1930s

  • Height; 45cms
  • Width: 21cms
  • Depth: 16cms

Ref: ChPra

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