Biplane Wooden Aircraft Propeller with clock


A 1917 wooden aircraft propeller from a World War I Royal Flying Corps Scout Experimental 5, one of the fastest British biplane fighter aircraft of the first World war, and also one of the most agile.

The propeller is a fine wooden sculpture, and would be a great decorative feature to any wall, vertically, horizontally, or at any angle you please. The clock can be twisted within the hub to suit.

The propeller is branded to the hub T28066 Trevor Page & Co Ltd, 150HP Hispano Suiza SE5 T5.

It also has makers decals to each blade, and a (barely discernable) crow’s foot mark indicating its history in the British military forces.

The hub has now been fitted with an 8-day mechanical English Smiths bulkhead ships clock, with a red centre seconds hand. The Coventry Astral movement no. 288 has a platform escapement.

The 6-inch dial sits behind a heavy cast brass hinged bezel.

Trevor Page & Co Norwich, were upholsterers and cabinet makers, clearly called upon to manufacturer propellers for the war effort.

The clock is overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Overall length, tip to tip: 234cms

The photo of the Scout Experimental 5A is The Shuttleworth Trust’s SE5A at Old Warden’s Summer Show 2009 [courtesy TSRL – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,]

Ref: SAR365

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