Automaton Mechanical Bird in a Cage


This is a nicer version of a mechanical automaton bird cage than we usually see. Normally we see a round cage with a round spun brass base. This example is an older, gilded wood, rectangular cross section base with canted corners.

I think this dates from around the first quarter of the 20th century, possibly late Victorian.

The mechanics are beautifully engineered and, unlike later versions, have no plastic components.

As you will see, the bird, the leaves and the material on the base section have all aged really nicely, but not to the extent that I feel they need to be improved.

As shown in the video, both the bird and whistle mechanics, work fabulously well.


It has a lever in the base that gives three functions – full on, off, and n intermittently so that it works and stops for a breather, then repeats the cycle, as shown in the video.

Serviced and guaranteed for 3 years.

Ref: C941

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