Audocron Clock for the Blind / Partially Sighted


This is a very stylish, retro design clock, with audio output. Activated by touch, AUDOCRON chimes the time to the minute, whilst emitting an incandescent band of light at its circumference.

It automatically chimes the hour, and a two-tone “ding-dong” on the half hour. It plays a two-note chime for hours (low tone), tens of minutes (high tone), and units of minutes(low tone).

The silver-plated brass case is in two parts – the top unscrews to reveal the replaced circuit board, powered by 3 standard AAA batteries.

Adjusting how tightly it screws down will adjust the volume of the chime.

This is serial number A3129.

The Audocron was created in 1979 by Doug Clark, Wayne Husted & Barry Gamble
18,000 were made before production was discontinued in 2006.
A couple of years later another company was licensed to make some in China. Those are also discontinued.
The new version of the Audocron is in production and called Event Horizon.

Ref: E1002

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