1950s Tall Ship Electric clock


This galleon has a wooden (possibly teak) hull, housing the electric 240V mains movement. It is rigged with chromium sails and flags, and the portholes and ventilation grates are lit from within with two small bulbs. This clock would serve well as a night light.

These movements were first made in 1949. It has a tick / silent function. This was unique to Metamec, as they realised that synchronous movements were lacking the audible tick that many customers still desired in the 1950s. [source: Metamec, The Clockmaker, Dereham, by Clifford Bird].

A button on the top operates the lights independently of the clock.

Now fitted with cool-running LED bulbs.

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years.

Price includes delivery within mainland UK.

Ref: C1205

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